[ what I ate ] Thai Tomato Soup + Hashed Brussel Sprouts with Lemon + The Pizza Report

Thai Tomato Soup

Continuing on with my new found appreciation of homemade tomato soup, I stumbled across this Thai spiced tomato soup recipe at Gourmet (via The Kitchn) and decided to give it a shot. It was super easy to make and incredibly tasty. I also threw in a few chunks of leftover roasted butternut squash but once everything was blended up it was barely discernable. This has a great
consistency and I could easily play with it next time by adding some extras: sprouts or tofu or rice noodles perhaps. Mmmhmmm.


Hashed Brussel Sprouts with Lemon

I am all about the veggies. These aren’t just side dishes to me – sometimes they are the whole meal! This brussel sprout hash from Simply Recipes (via Carrots and Cake) is pretty much perfect. I made it without the wine but I added extra lemon juice. It was great but perhaps a bit too oily (I think I over buttered). Next time I will just use the olive oil and not the butter and see how it goes. It was otherwise nutty and lemony and perfect.

The Pizza Report

I was looking for some pizza topping inspiration and so I went snooping about and found this. I don’t know why I have never tried The Pioneer Woman‘s favorite pizza recipe before but it was really fantastic. Amazing. Etc. Oh wait – I do know why I haven’t made it. This recipe involves both pre-roasting veggies and making dough the the day before. Both of those things are basically unheard of around in these parts (the Land of the Quick and the Easy). So I did not let my dough stand overnight and it was still all good in the end. This made a substantially thicker pizza than what I am used to but that was a pleasant treat. In fact I liked it so much I am thinking about making a second batch of dough to have on hand….for next week. I usually never think further ahead than the next meal so that is saying something. (But you all know how much we like our pizza around here.)

Food Links

A sampling of the yummy things from across the web that caught my eye this week:

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Glazed cake doughnuts at Eat Live Run

Bon appetit!

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