[ weekend links ] September 24th Edition

Oh fall. Crunchy leaves, crisp air, pretty colours….oh no wait. I’m in Vancouver, so here fall is grey and wet and full of gunky leaves that get all over your shoes and UGH. The thought of facing this type of weather daily until May makes me a litle bit crazy (to combat this, I spend plenty of time researching tropical vacations that I will never take).


{Image by Two Ladies & Two Cats} 

Anyways, it’s been an interesting week in the online world. I especially was interested in following all the chaos that fell out after the design blogging world at large attended the Nate Berkus show (aka #nategate). While I do think Nate and his team dropped a gigantic ball there, I am not really that surprised. Does anyone remember when Maxwell from Apartment Therapy was on Oprah and she didn’t even mention Apartment Therapy? That was weird too right? There is still such a huge divide between traditional media and bloggers.

(EDITED TO ADD: Please go check out this video by Jenny of My Favorite and My Best if you don’t know what all the fuss was about. Hilarious!)

Well enough about that. Here are some delicious weekend links:

Can a minimalist home also be warm, eclectic and child-friendly? It seems the answer is a resounding yes. (at Freshome)

Ever fantasize about picking up and moving to Park Slope? Jen Altman did and here are the pretty results. (at DesignSponge)

I am an absolute sucker for dramatic lighting, in case you haven’t noticed. This Hydrangea light (at Poppytalk) fits the bill nicely. And if that is too dramatic for you here is some simple lighting DIY inspiration at Curbly.

Thinking about the holidays already? So is Simply Bites, who brings us this wonderful holiday baking checklist (via Kim Vallee)

For my fellow Alice In Wonderland buffs, you will love this store in Moscow. (at Freshome)

Some printer craft inspiration at the NY Times. The mind boggles!

USA Today has a look at a house made of hemp. Really. (via Shelterrific)

Have a fabulous (hopefully rain-free) weekend everyone! I plan on drinking several pumpkin lattes to get me through – you?

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