[ renovation diaries ] The Great Living Room Reveal

I know that I’ve promised photos of my new apartment for a long time. And I will reveal even more eventually but right now I am happy to finally show you my rental apartment living room.

I suffer from perfectionist tendencies of course so I never feel like my rooms are truly done…which is why I never post photos of them. There are lots of things in here I’d like to fix – the front curtains in particular.

I also mean to paint some little paintings for my display shelves. That white window covering to the left is also sort of temporary (even though I made it). There isn’t a view or much light out of that window but a more efficient shade would be nice.

But must I admit this post was totally inspired by the purchase of my new cat – the ceramic one of course.

This purchase was thoroughly inspired by this photo of Jane Aldridge’s apartment at Sea of Shoes. I found her at the thrift store and couldn’t resist taking her home. I’ve had to wean myself off of buying small ceramic animals (the menagerie was getting out of hand!) but large ones are still A-OK. Especially ones as cute as this!

And as you can see from the above photo, she gets along just fine with my real cats. :)

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