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I haven’t made much soup lately but I think I will change all that this weekend. Soup is just so damn versatile and easy to make. Truth be told, I almost never follow a soup recipe – I actually prefer to wing it – but I still like to check out some recipes to get some fresh inspiration. So here’s a fresh whack of them to get us all in the mood.

1 – lemon garlic rice lentil soup // 2 – winter vegetable chowder with crispy cabbage // 3 – creamy roasted red pepper soup // 4 – chickpea minestrone / 5 – black bean soup // 6 – vegetable ramen // 7 – roasted cauliflower + garlic soup // 8 – cleansing ramen soup

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Image Map

1 – fall vegetable stew // 2 – kabocha squash, fennel + ginger soup
3 – roasted tomato + bell pepper soup // 4 – carrot + tomato coconut soup
5 – simple cauliflower soup // 6 – cream of broccoli + cashew soup
7 – spicy black bean soup // 8 – yuki pumpkin + black bean soup

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Tomato Soup and Croutons

It was a dark and rainy holiday Monday. What else could I do but make soup? No recipe to post – I entirely winged this one. Lucky for me, soup lends itself really well to that. This was basically a large can of crushed tomatoes, a few cups of veggie broth, sauteed onions and spices. Be sure to add salt, a little sugar and some baking soda. I know it sounds odd but it all works. The flavour is really quite amazing, especially in comparison to that sad canned stuff. I also made some croutons, which were just gluten free rye bread tossed in olive oil and garlic and broiled till crispy. It was an excellent combination – and super easy too!

Things I Want to Eat: Savory

Rosemary Parker House Rolls [ A Beautiful Mess ]
Baked tofu “chevre” [ Made by Girl ]
Mapled brussel sprouts [ Door Sixteen ]

Things I Want to Eat: Sweet

Ina Garten’s salted caramel brownies [ Shelterrific ]
Nanaimo bars [ Poppytalk ]
Chocolate coconut caramel cookies [ DesignSponge ]

Bon appetit!

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Vegetarian Pho

So much for a sunny long weekend. When I woke up to a rainy holiday Monday morning, I knew that it would be a soup day. And I’ve been itching to try my hand at making veggie pho. I’ve recently become obsessed with veggie pho after eating the most amazing soup at a local hole in the wall. (If you are in Vancouver it’s from Hanoi Pho – yes in the sketchy part of town but totally worth it.) I had spotted this recipe at The Kitchn a while ago and I was eager to try it.

Let’s just say this was a bit more labour intensive than I was expecting! My usual throw-everything-in-the-pot method does simply not work here. Most of the time was spent getting the broth right – or wrong in my case. I used powdered cloves and cinnamon and oh boy was that a mistake! While the broth was definitely full flavoured, it was also very very dark. But for my purposes it was totally fine. When put all together my rather amatuer mistake was almost unnoticeable. This made a whole lot – too much for one person. So in the end I had three containers in my fridge with leftovers: noodles, broth and veggies each separated. This way when I went back for the rest everything has nicely retained it’s texture. So while this was an incredibly delicious recipe I probably won’t be rushing back to follow it to the letter. I think I can improvise something a little bit easier (and smaller!) for myself.

Food Links

The Savory

I want to make: shake and bake tofu[ Kylaroma ]
Spicy tomato chutney toasts [ Crepes of Wrath ]
Spanish tortilla [ Camille Styles ]
Roasted cauliflower [ Poppytalk ]
Homemade Spaghetti with lemon, garlic, chilli and mint [ What Katie Ate ]

The Sweet

Guinness chocolate cake [ Call Me Cupcake ]
Magic cookie bars [ Love From the Oven ]
Hello Dolly bars [ Eat Live Run ]
Oatmeal butterscotch bars [ Sweet Treats More ]
The best chocolate chip cookies [ Everybody Likes Sandwiches ]

Bon appetit!

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Better Than Chicken Soup

When I’m at work all day, I sometimes find it very difficult to think of something to make for dinner – which is why I have a whole slew of recipe apps on my phone. If I can look up a recipe and figure out what ingredients to pick up on the way home, it makes the whole process so much easier. (But no one is perfect – I confess I ate a banana for “dinner” a few weeks ago.) One app I’ve grown to appreciate is the Whole Foods app. I can easily sort it into recipes that suit and put in what I am looking to use. In this case it was kale – which is how I came to find this excellent soup recipe.

And I know I say it all the time, but I really am all about easy and quick. And here is a soup that doesn’t require hours of prep and simmering. It came together super quickly (although I did let it simmer for longer than the specified 5 minutes – more like 15). I also admit I was a little apprehensive about the shitake mushrooms – mushrooms in a soup? But it was fantastic – deliciously gingery and garlicky and good. And the mushrooms are hearty enough not to turn to mush. I’m not sick but I felt it did me a world of good anyways. It’s the perfect meal to slurp up on a cold February night.

Food Links – Super Bowl Edition

A sampling of the yummy things from across the web that caught my eye this week:

I don’t watch football. At all. Ever. But hearing all about Superbowl for weeks on end gets me excited about food! I usually eat pretty healthy most of the time but who doesn’t enjoy a little grease and extra sugar once in a while? Enjoy!

The Savory

Beer cheddar dip [ The Kitchn ]

Jalapeno popper dip [ Big Red Kitchen ]

Deep fried macaroni cheese bites [ Doughmesstic ]

Soft pretzel bites [ Baked by Rachel ]

Baked potato chips with creamy avocado dip [ Babble ]

The Sweet

Deep fried Elvis raviolis [ Spoon Fork Bacon ]

Potato chip cookies [ Smitten Kitchen ]

Chocolate covered potato chips [ Because I’m Addicted ]

White chocolate confetti popcorn [ The Glitter Guide ]

Margarita cupcakes [ Recipe Girl ]

Bon appetit!

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