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(Just a quick note: we’re still switching things around over here! I’m moving the food posts over to Thursdays.)

Today we are tackling donut recipes. Who doesn’t love a good donut really? There are tons of yummy ones out there that are tons more imaginative than plain old glazed. I really miss the gourmet donut shops back home. I have yet to find anything similar in Berlin (they must be hiding on me). I guess I have donuts on the brain which is why I am seeing them everywhere online. I even found gluten free and vegan versions here so there’s something for everyone. xx

Donut Recipes - Callooh Callay Blog

1 – chocolate fudge pistachio cake donuts // 2 – baked apple cider donuts // 3 – gluten free chocolate donuts // 4 – vegan donuts // 5 – oreo donuts // 6 – chewy banana roux donuts // 7 – pumpkin cream donut sandwiches // 8 – gluten free vegan donuts // 9 – old fashioned sour cream donuts

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8 soup recipes - Callooh Callay Blog

I haven’t made much soup lately but I think I will change all that this weekend. Soup is just so damn versatile and easy to make. Truth be told, I almost never follow a soup recipe – I actually prefer to wing it – but I still like to check out some recipes to get some fresh inspiration. So here’s a fresh whack of them to get us all in the mood.

1 – lemon garlic rice lentil soup // 2 – winter vegetable chowder with crispy cabbage // 3 – creamy roasted red pepper soup // 4 – chickpea minestrone / 5 – black bean soup // 6 – vegetable ramen // 7 – roasted cauliflower + garlic soup // 8 – cleansing ramen soup

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It’s dark. It’s cold. The holidays are over and there’s still a long way to go until spring. So just what are we supposed to do until then? Well I know it’s also the season of the diet but I have to say it’s just not winter without a little comfort food. Pasta definitely qualifies as comfort food for me plus it’s something of a no-brainer to make. Here are six pasta recipes that have caught my eye lately.

Food - 6 Pasta Recipes - Callooh Callay Blog

1 – creamy vegan garlic pastas with roasted tomatoes // 2 – tallarines verde // 3 – creamy wild muchroom + chestnut pasta // 4 – vegetarian skillet lasagna // 5 – orecchiette with broccolini, parsley + lemon // 6 – fettuccine with mushrooms, walnuts + parmesan

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Resolutions or not, January is all about healthy eating. I don’t know about you but I look forward to getting back on a veggie-centric eating bent. I do love eating clean and the past two weeks were anything but (everything in moderation though right?). To kick off January, I’ve rounded up 11 tempting salad recipes for some healthy inspiration. Make & enjoy.

11 Awesome Salad Recipes - Callooh Callay Blog

1 – raw cauliflower salad with dill yoghurt dressing // 2 – arugula salad with figs, feta + almonds // 3 – cranberry almond salad // 4 – browned cauliflower mache + red quinoa salad / 5 – soba noodle salad with raw veggies + spicy sunflower seed sauce // 6 – easy harvest salad // 7 – rainbow salad in a jar // 8 – farro + chickpea salad // 9 – asian broccoli salad with peanut sauce // 10 – superfood crunch salad // 11 – mushroom lentil salad

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Well the big day is almost here! I will be taking some time off (yes even more time) over the holidays as I will be entertaining my friend and being a tourist again. I will be back after the New Year so have a great holiday everyone! And enjoy these recipes on the big day. xo

A Christmas Menu - Callooh Callay Blog

cocktails blackberry champagne cocktail // mint merrymaker // pear nectar thyme mimosa

sides coconut roasted sprouts // roasted carrots + mushrooms with thyme // quinoa broccoli casserole

mains sundried tomato + pine nut sausages // polenta casserole with mushrooms + cheese // cranberry + pistachio nut roast

cookies gluten free gingersnaps // chocomint cookies // nutella + hazelnut palmiers

dessert brown sugar bundt cake // christmas cake // peppermint chocolate cake

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