[ food ] Make Your Own Donuts

Donut Recipes - Callooh Callay Blog

(Just a quick note: we’re still switching things around over here! I’m moving the food posts over to Thursdays.) Today we are tackling donut recipes. Who doesn’t love a good donut really? There are tons of yummy ones out there that are tons more imaginative than plain old glazed. I really miss the gourmet donut shops back home. I have yet to find anything similar

[ food ] A Christmas Menu

A Christmas Menu - Callooh Callay Blog

Well the big day is almost here! I will be taking some time off (yes even more time) over the holidays as I will be entertaining my friend and being a tourist again. I will be back after the New Year so have a great holiday everyone! And enjoy these recipes on the big day. xo cocktails blackberry champagne cocktail // mint merrymaker // pear

[ food ] 4 Awesome Brunch Ideas

4 Awesome Brunch Ideas

Brunch is one of my favorite things in the world. There is something so amazingly civilized about the whole thing and I try to enjoy it as much as possible. Brunch also goes hand in hand with certain holidays – like Mother’s Day for example. This year my mom is galavanting across Europe so I won’t be celebrating just yet. But if I was, these

[ food ] 3 Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

3 Ice Cream Recipes

The hot weather is finally here so I’m thinking about cold delicious things. I’ve never made ice cream at home, but perhaps this is my year. These three homemade ice cream recipes look too good to resist, don’t you think? And one is even vegan, so everyone can go wild. [ smoked cardamom ice cream with salty honey caramel swirl // roasted strawberry ice cream

[ food ] 3 Healthy Desserts

3 Healthy Desserts

[ dark chocolate mint bites // healthy homemade oreos // healthy brownies ] [ Follow Callooh Callay on // Pinterest // Twitter // Facebook // Instagram ]