[ weekend links ] May 8th

Weekend Links May 8

// Design // can I live in this Montmartre loft please? oh Sweden. again. I applaud this level of commitment to white. // DIY // cool MCM-style wall decor lov this triangle mirror awesome gold foil pillow // Fashion // makeover a denim skirt two ways spring work wear inspo // Travel // Scarlette, New Delhi a food guide to downtown LA an Airbnb alternative

Eat Your Veggies – Vol. 13

Eat Your Veggies - Vol 13

[ Asian broccoli salad with peanut sauce // 2 -avocado cucumber salad // 3 – avocado edamame spring salad // 4 – tabbouleh // 5 – goodness bowl // 6 – lemon parmesan kale salad // 7 – kale white bean farro salad // 8 – chopped Thai salad with sesame garlic dressing ]

Trendspotting: Mesh Details

Trendspotting: Mesh Details

Mesh can easily fall into hoochie territory; searching for the good stuff here was a bit challenging. 😉 But mesh is a cool and sporty detail that’s showing up a lot for spring/summer. As long as you keep it conservative, the mesh detail look can be totally cool for daytime. Sometimes it’s just nice to add something a little bit unexpected to your closet full

Let’s Go: Prague Czech Republic

Let's Go: Prague - Callooh Callay Blog

Prague Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to (although admittedly it’s been a very long time since I visited). But I liked it more than Paris (so there). All that fairy-tale worthy architecture, fascinating history and copious amounts of great beer combine to make this a city worthy of at least a few visits. I guess I’ll have

[ design ] The Kilim Rug Kitchen

Inspired By: Kilim Rug Kitchen - Callooh Callay Blog

I love the hip yet family-friendly vibe of this kitchen. The dark floors and that built-in white shelving are both really smart choices (take notes if you are renovating). But even if you aren’t planning a kitchen makeover, here’s how you can get the look with some carefully chosen furniture and accessories. The kilim rug is a must! [ Beat Stout Pendant Light By Tom