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Snacks are my jam. I’ve grown away from making dinner for myself basically ever but crackers and dip or cheese are my constant companions. I’m really in love with a particular brand of seed crackers actually but I got sticker shock upon seeing them at the store recently (almost $8 for a box! Madness). Since last year my culinary adventures included pickled things and condiments, maybe this will be the year of the cracker. We shall soon see.

Snack Ideas

[ labneh balls marinated in chili oil and herbs with manoush zaatar /
/ multi-seed crackers /
/ feta and lemon dip ]


Eat Your Greens Vol 2

[ winter abundance bowl // the big salad // // roasted potato and paprika chickpea salad ]

Funny story: I had the first recipe saved on my computer for a little while, waiting to be used. Coincidentally someone I know in real life posted a yummy looking pic to Instagram this week and, lo and behold, when I asked what it was it was the abundance bowl. So it’s doubly approved in these parts I guess!

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Banana bread is a perennial favorite of mine – mostly because I always seem to have brown bananas hanging around! I’m always on the lookout for new banana bread ideas and these three have caught my eye. Sometimes a subtle shift is all you need to shed some new light on something tried and true.

3 Ways Banana Bread

[ chai banana cake // double chocolate banana bread // vegan GF banana bread ]

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Salads are my thing. This was the first winter in memory that I didn’t transition from salad to roasted vegetables, as per usual. I crave the things and I know that sounds crazy but it’s true. So, as an affirmed salad lover, I’m always on the look out for new things to try. I did a salad roundup a few weeks ago but it got me thinking that I should make this a regular feature. Who doesn’t need a little inspiration sometimes? So here are four that have caught my eye.

Eat Your Greens

[ asian chopped salad // lacinto kale salad roasted squash // spring veggie bowls with lemon tahini dressing // kale sesame salad with scallion pancake croutons ]

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The Dinner Party: Vol. 16

[ arugla and roasted beet salad // parmesan grits with roasted tomatoes // huckleberry's salted caramel bars ]

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