[ entertaining ] The Summer Camp Party


Usually when I have parties it’s a cheese plate and chips kind of affair. It’s always perfectly yummy and dependable yet also a little bit boring. However, last week was a little different. I was hosting a welcome back party for my friends Shelley and Joel. They live in Melbourne now but they used to live here. I hosted their farewell party so it only

[ holidays ] The Christmas Post


I’ve saved all my Christmas links for today. It’s the final push to the holiday and I imagine many (like me) have some loose ends to tie up. I am still sorting out my final ideas but this is a good list of possibilities for all your holiday needs. Enjoy! Eat Mint chocolate candy cane cake [Eat Live Run ] Eggnog cheesecake bars [ Apartment 34 ] Rugelach

[ entertaining ] The Halloween Party


Even though Halloweekend is over, I’m still excited for Halloween itself! While I’ll likely celebrate in a low key fashion, these are the projects I would be planning if I had a little soiree. How cute are those ears? [ Bunny ears – Swellmayde ] [ Ombre pumpkin –  Funkytime ] [ Crackers – Sassy Radish ] [ Blook orange cocktail – Martha Stewart ] [ Pinatas – A