[ design notes ] Pinterest – Neutrals


I must have been feeling dark and moody this week. Most of my pins are in the neutral zone – with the exception for a few unusually bright things. It feels sort of right for the moment though doesn’t it? A hope for spring on the horizon? Follow me on Pinterest here. [ Living on The Chic ] [ Desire To Inspire ] { Remodelista | Contemporist ] [ Wit

{ design notes } Pinterest – Jan 9th


I haven’t done a Pinterest post in a while – which is kind of odd, considering I pin things there daily! So I think it’s time to rectify that. Here’s a look at a few of my recent pins. And of course if you want to see what I’m pinning in real time, follow me on Pinterest here. { Small Shop Studio | La Masion

[ design basics ] When You Shouldn’t DIY


Last week I was reading an article on White Hot Truth (which is a brilliant daily read by they way. You can get started with this series in particular: parts one and two) when something resonated. To quote Danielle: “Earn your money doing something you’re passionate about, and pay people to do what you’re not passionate about but needs to be done for you to

[ design basics ] The Cost of Renovating


{Vancouver Special project by Iconstrux} Recently I’ve had a few conversations with totally different people in which the real costs of renovating have come up. People are always shocked – terribly comically shocked – when they find the real costs of various items or installation. To be fair, most of what people see about renovating is on TV which never addresses the real value of

Design Basics: Contrast and Compare


Contrast is a principle of design that can be illustrated in many different ways. This is one of the most important design principles to me because it creates visual tension (my favorite!). It is the polar opposite of harmony, another design principle (which I will expand on in a future post). Often when you look at a room and it is missing a certain something