WEEKEND LINKS Aug 14th Edition + Announcement

Weekend Links Aug 14

// Design // black floors in Sweden a cool Aussie space qu // Art // love this work by Claire Sherman bravery An interview with Mays Grafx. I find this process so fascinating! // DIY // papier mache airplant pod hex desktop organizer cool concrete lamp // Fashion // turn a tee into a halter cute gold eye purse an all black look for less

FOOD Eat Your Veggies Vol. 15

Eat Your Veggies: Vol 15

[ roasted sweet potato wild rice + arugula salad // sunshine bowl with sunflower seed tahini sauce // grilled farmers market salad // creamy cucumber + grilled potato salad // cowboy cup // kale salad // honey roasted carrot + endive fig summer salad // ricotta fritters with heirloom tomatos // spicy peanut portobello kale rice bowl // lentils with a roast tomato sauce and

WEEKEND LINKS Aug 7th Edition

Weekend Links Aug 7th

// Design // French stylists do it right a beautiful Milan home // Art // love this pebble series by Tessa Horrocks art with yoga mats by Alex Ebstein // DIY // cool block prints graphic beach towels make your own acrylic office supplies // Fashion // love this look cool wrap skirt // Travel // let’s go to Mykonos a Singapore travel guide how


Here’s another recent adventure: a boating trip down the Spree. This was a super fun thing to do! Even though we annoyed the locals with our bangin’ soundsystem. These little boat-things are totally cute. I only wish we’d had longer. Anyways, enjoy! xx (Also does anyone have any info on copyright free music? I’m on the lookout for more!)