[ weekend links ] March 6th

Weekend Lnks - Mar 6th - Callooh Callay Blog

// Design // modern glam fresh style in NYC boho chic // DIY // agate slice art eye print kitchen towel moon phase wall mobile // Fashion // make this bracelet or this slouchy bag on how to purge your closet // Travel // 24 hours in Austin how to pack light a look at Marrekech // Wellness // what you do is who you

[ food ] Eat Your Veggies Vol. 11

Eat Your Veggies Vol. 11 - Callooh Callay Blog

rainbow ribbon salad // kale salad bowl // roast cauliflower + chickpea salad with tahini dressing // seared sweet potatoes + radicchio // marrakesh carrot salad // roasted pear salad // sweet potato parsley + pistachio vinaigrette // spiced lentil + beetroot salad // kale cabbage carrot salad // sliced sweet potato bibb lettuce salad // butternut squash, brussel sprouts + tahini salad

[ ootw ] Doc Martens for Grown-ups

OOTW - Docs for Grown Ups - Callooh Callay Blog

I love Doc Martens. They are comfortable and practical but they fall in danger of making you look like a wayward teenager. Keeping the rest of the outfit simple and strong is the best way to avoid looking like a mall rat. This outfit has a hit of army green to keep things tough while the oversized denim jacket and ripped jeans are on trend.

[ travel ] Let’s Go: Warsaw Poland

Warsaw Poland Travel Guide - Callooh Callay Blog

Warsaw has recently gained a reputation for being cool, artsy and affordable. Galleries, restaurants and bars now occupy the formerly abandoned warehouses along the right bank.During warmer months, take full advantage of the beach bars and outdoor clubs lining the banks of the Vistula river. Sleep Here This cute and affordable hotel is located within walking distance of the Old Town. The little details here

[ diy ] The Marbled Box

DIY Marbled Box

I am used to having a whole pile of craft/art supplies to use at all times. One of the downsides of moving abroad is leaving all of that stuff behind! There is only so much I can do here since I don’t want to buy a bunch of new stuff. But this is one thing I can do: the DIY marbled box. I picked up